Creating Flow In Your Kitchen Space

There is no space more dangerous than a busy kitchen. Think about it… not only is it filled with just about every piece of equipment imaginable that could lop off a finger or flambé your face, but it’s also overcrowded, baking hot and extremely restrictive. For most people, it would be near impossible to pair that kind of working environment with beautiful food and immaculate service but, for a dedicated few, it’s achieved every single day!

There are, however, a few things you can do to make life a little easier for your kitchen staff. Here’s how…

Getting into the zone

One of the most important ways of ensuring that accidents don’t happen and that your kitchen is run efficiently, is to allocate your work spaces well. You’re more likely to get injured if you have to run around all over the place just to manage your station. Consult with an expert or get your equipment designed in modules so that everything you need is on hand. Placement of ovens, fryers, grills and salamanders should all be carefully planned out to maximise on safety, flow and order. Prep areas should be separate from the main cooking zone, and staff should be able to connect with each other without there being a sense of pandemonium.

Creating the gaps

Remember that, no matter how fine your equipment is or how brilliant your staff, you need to make sure that there’s room for movement. It’s extremely important that there is enough room for line chefs to cross paths, or move around each other without pushing them too close to dangerously hot surfaces or harmful equipment.

You also have to make sure that everything is impeccably designed so that there is no chance of tripping, slipping or falling over anything. Tiles should be evenly laid, cables neatly tucked away and surfaces properly finished off to ensure that there are no sharp edges.

All of the above will guarantee the smooth running of any kitchen and put you at the forefront of your culinary game.

We’re here to help

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