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SEAL IT SAVE IT STACK IT STORE IT OUR REDESIGNED, ADVANCED LINE OF FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS IS A MORE CONVENIENT, SAFER WAY TO STORE FOOD. This new storage system from Carlisle FoodService Products is the perfect fit for any kitchen. Not only is it easily stackable, but our new lids are universally compatible with similar […]


We endorse only premium quality products from over 20 countries.These trusted brands carry full internationally recognised warranties, and BCE have the sole agency in Southern Africa for DIHR, Robot Coupe, Rheninghaus, Hamilton Beach, Carlisle, Brema, Anvil, Tiger and many more. BCE has an inventory of over 6,000 line items and can deliver within 24 hours countrywide and […]

Keeping Things Uniform

Respecting The Trade Although there has, historically, been a great deal of esteem associated with working in the culinary world, and a chef’s uniform has always signified the respect and importance of their vocation, it’s only recently that the profession has jettisoned into a celebrity-status spotlight and chefs finally have an opportunity to acquire the […]

Creating Flow In Your Kitchen Space

There is no space more dangerous than a busy kitchen. Think about it… not only is it filled with just about every piece of equipment imaginable that could lop off a finger or flambé your face, but it’s also overcrowded, baking hot and extremely restrictive. For most people, it would be near impossible to pair […]